My story: I had only four Genesis albums for a few years (Invisible Touch, Abacab, Genesis (self title), And Then There Were Three) but was mainly into Peter Gabriel’s solo material. I did have the Turn It On Again CD for Carpet Crawlers ‘99 but was never interested in experimenting any further and was content with my modest PG collection. This past year (2008), I was watching Peter’s POV video on my media player and was enjoying it so much I wanted more “live” music videos to enjoy. So I ventured to Youtube to sample what was available. I was watching bits of Secret World and noticed that Genesis videos were also in the list with PG. I saw a link for Abacab - live at Wembley 1987. All of a sudden, I remembered something a friend mentioned. They said, they had never been to a “fun” concert and wondered what it would be like. I thought about that when I hit the button.

I had no idea how great they were in concert. I even prefer many of their songs live. I believe some songs on the albums sadly sound just too sterile. I had been to a Metallica concert and a big fan of Ozzy also but after hearing the 1973 live version of Watcher of the Skies, all I can say is “This band can do it all!” Sweet and Spicy! The sad thing is that I have just discovered this now. On the other hand, having never been exposed to such material other than the present media, sadder still.

There are new remixes of their albums released again. I don’t believe all the songs needed to be remixed but for those who have 5.1 systems it should prove to be a real treat.

1 From Genesis to Revelation (1969)
2 Trespass (1970)
3 Nursery Cryme (1971)
4 Foxtrot (1972)
5 Live (1973)
6 Selling England by the Pound (1973)
7 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
8 A Trick of the Tail (1976)
9 Wind and Wuthering (1977)
10 Seconds Out (1977)
11 ...And Then There Were Three... (1978)
12 Duke (1980)
13 Abacab (1981)
14 Three Sides Live (US and UK) (1982)
15 Genesis (1983)
16 Invisible Touch (1986)
17 We Can't Dance (1991)
18 The Way We Walk, Vol. 1: The Shorts (1992)
19 The Way We Walk, Vol. 2: The Longs (1993)
20 Calling All Stations (1997)

Box sets:
Genesis Archive 1: 1967-1975 (1998)
Turn it on Again: Hits (1999)
Genesis Archive 2: 1976-1992 (2000)
Turn it on Again: Platinum Collection (2005)
Turn it on Again: Tour Edition (2007)
Genesis box set: 1983-1998 (2007)
Genesis box set: 1976-1982 (2007)
Live Over Europe 2007
Genesis box set: 1970-1975 (2008)
Genesis box set: Live (2009)

This list compiles some examples which are in some form of video format: laser disc, VHS and or DVD

Concert footage
Genesis in Concert (1976) - reissued with (2007) Trick of the Tail CD/ DVD Set: I Know What I Like/Fly on a Windshield/Carpet Crawlers/Cinema Show(part two)/Entangled/Apocalypse/Los Endos

3 sides Live (1982) - Discontinued (possibly for available as resale on amazon or ebay, includes: Behind theLines/ Duchess/ Misunderstanding/ Dodo/Abacab/No Reply/Who Dunnit?/In the Cage/Cinema Show -Slippermen Medley/Afterglow/Me and Sara Jane(cut)/Man on the Corner(excerpt)/Turn It On Again(has interview bits throughout)

Mama Tour (1984) - Discontinued (possibly for available as resale on amazon or ebay
Set: Abacab/ That?s All/Mama/Illegal Alien/Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea/Keep it Dark/It?s Gonna Get Better/In The Cage/Cinema Show/In That Quiet Earth/Colony of Slippermen/Afterglow/Drum Duet/Turn It On Again

Live at Wembley (1988)
Set: Mama/Abacab/Domino/That’s All/The Brazilian/Land of Confusion/Tonight,Tonight,Tonight/Throwing It All Away/Home By The Sea/Invisible Touch/Drum Duet/Duke’s End/Los Endos/Turn It On Again(Medley)Extras: Mini tour documentary, photo gallery

The Way We Walk (1993)
Set: Land of Confusion/No Son Of Mine/Driving The Last Spike/Medley - Dance On A Volcano /The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway /The Musical Box/ Firth of Fifth/ I Know What I Like/ That's All Illegal Alien / Follow You, Follow Me / Fading Lights / Jesus He Knows Me / Dreaming While You Sleep / Home By The Sea/ Hold On My Heart/ Domino/ The Drum Duet/I Can't Dance/Tonight, Tonight, Tonight/Invisible Touch / Turn It On Again
Extras: Interviews, Tour program

When In Rome (2008)
Set: (Disc 1) Duke’s Intro/Turn It On Again/No Son Of Mine/Land of Confusion/In the Cage/Cinema Show Medley/Duke Travels/Afterglow/Hold On My Heart/Home by the Sea/Follow You Follow Me/Firth of Fifth(excerpt)/I Know What I Like
(Disc 2) Mama/Ripples/Throwing It All Away/Domino/Drum Duet/Los Endos/Tonight,Tonight,Tonight/Invisible Touch/I Can’t Dance/Carpet Crawlers
Extras: Come Rain or Shine(DVD) - Documentary of Tour progress /Photo Gallery/Tour Program

Since you have been so gracious making your way to this section. Here are some references as to what are available (taken from site) but don’t feel you have to turn down a boot because it is not on the list. It is all personal preference so enjoy

Simmon's Best Bootlist
(I have added the links to make searching easier but you may need to register to have access)

Early Days : Hogweed 12 - La Ferme - (7th March 1971)
Nursery Cryme: Like A Nun With A Gun - Watford Town Hall - (28th June 1972)
Foxtrot: TM Productions, UK - (24th/25th February 1973)
Selling England: A Classic Broadcast Revisited - University Sports Center - (21th April 1974)
The Lamb: GASP 016 - Lakeland, Florida - (11th Jan 1975)
Trick: SAB 04 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh - (13th April 1976)
Wind & Wuthering: Zurich Revisited - Hallenstadion, Zurich - (2nd July 1977)
And Then There ...: TM Productions - Uptown Theatre - (13th October 1978)
Duke: As Good As Gold - Lyceum Ballroom, London - (7th May 1980) (TM 2010 Upgrade available!)
Abacab: TM Productions - Frankfurt - (30th October 1981)
Encore Tour: Master Of Marquee - Marquee Club, London - (27th September 1982)
Reunion: TM Productions - Milton Keynes - (2nd October 1982)
Mama: A Phantastically Phabulous Philly - Spectrum, Philadelphia - (27th November 1983)
Invisible Touch: Live In The City Of Light - Wembley Stadium, London - (4th July 1987)
We Can't Dance: A Midsummer Nights Dance - Knebworth - 2nd August (1992)
Calling All Stations: A Single Lonely Voice - Point Depot, Dublin -(1998?)

Here are some of my choices
Rainbow Theatre, London Oct. 20, 1973 - The Missing Box
Empire Pool, London Apr.15, 1975 - Live In Wembley (TM Productions GEN750410TM)
Southampton UK, Gaumont Theatre, Jan. 20, 1977 - In a House of Dreams
Lyceum Ballroom, London May 7, 1980 - Perfect Lyceum (BBC pre-FM sourced versions!!)
Saratoga Springs Aug, 26 1982 - Live in Saratoga Springs (TM Productions GEN820826TM)
L.A. Forum Oct.17, 1986 - KBFH pre-FM Parts I & II Complete June 1992

Lyceum Ballroom May 1980 Pro Shot - NTSC
Live at Knebworth Aug. 2, 1992 - Midsummer Nights Dance - Pro Shot - PAL