Friday, January 31, 2020

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to my page. It is here to hopefully serve a purpose for those just starting to enjoy live recordings. There are many sites around and many trade lists but few offer enough information to Newbies. So I have compiled a bit of info to help those in need. I have tried to keep this site easy to navigate and will be adding more as time permits.

Bootleggs (or ROIOs also referred as unofficial recordings)
I was put off at first simply because the term bootleg often refers to something done illegally. Now after researching I find that the term has just been kept because it is easily recognizable in the trading community with newcomers and the experienced. It is also, a lot shorter than saying recordings of independent origin or unofficial recordings. Let me stress the term Trade, as in NOT FOR SALE. There is no profit involved and you will not find links to pirate sites or the like here. Now, on with the real fun. I had no idea that these recordings actually sounded any good. At least, that’s the impression I got from what I had heard until now. There are those who have taken great care to record or remaster such quality recordings and dare I say it, share them. Not just audio but video as well. Thanks to the internet, acquiring has become so much easier and it seems to be an endless easter egg hunt. So join in, your sure to find a few.

Getting Started
If you do not have any shows to trade yet, do not worry. I have added several links in the sidebar to hopefully help you in your search for recordings. When I first wanted to trade I joined a trade group. I asked for a show and only one trader responded and requested a tradelist which wasn't much of a tradelist being I had no knowledge of what was available or where to start. I can't even remember what all I had except for some mp3 boots and a promo CD I found on Ebay (like I said I had no knowledge). I emailed my tradelist and got no response. How's that for helpful, (cue the violins) not even a Blank and Postage trade offer. They didn't even bother to offer me any help or advice on why my list was so wrong. I should actually thank the person for making me more determined to have this show that seemed to be on everyone's tradelist. Now, my tradelist is pretty common and in no way resembles what I started in the beginning.

Many recordings are downloaded with a file known as a Torrent and needs a BitTorrent client - software which connects you to the source(s) seeding a specific file. You do not need to know programming to use a BitTorrent Client, just think of it as a download manager but for trading. After you have installed your BitTorrent client, find a tracker site. Don't be surprised if the site refuses or your locked out. There are many people trying to register so be patient. Also, check your email account as you may have been registered even though the site seems unresponsive.

You then might need a Converter - software that makes the files compatible with your audio programs you have on your computer or burn them to CD. I have a Mac so sometimes I need to convert SHN files to Flac when I want to listen to them or edit them.

Bootleggs classification

 (AUD) - Audience: The most abundant of all sources. Though quality can vary greatly, depending on environment and or equipment available, many are quite enjoyable.

(FM) - Radio: Taped off broadcast and higher quality than audience recordings but may also suffer from compression and static depending on strength of signal and equipment available.

(SBD) - Soundboard: Direct from the mixer and vary in quality depending on equipment available. Sources may include live show material, unreleased studio alternative mixes and or demos.

 (PreFM) - Prebroadcast radio: The best in terms of sound quality and among the rarest of sources. These are usually from original station reels, LPs and DAT.

(DVD) - Video: Highly prized regardless of quality. Sources may include: TV programs, pro-shot concert and hand held audience footage.

(STRM) - Webstream: Internet recording and or capture from various sources whether audio or video. Quality depends on compression format while streaming and also equipment used in capture. (Note: Stream captures are lossy and should include such information when trading.)

Some things to consider when trading
  • If you have (Flac or SHN) files than trade them as such. Its an easy way to transfer files without the usual problems plagued by trying to create the perfect audio disc.
  • If you still trade CD-R audio please use EAC(pc) or XACT(mac) to extract the files. Both are free and easy to use.
  • No Mp3 conversions to WAV, SHN, or FLAC. If the original recording was captured in lossy source which is not uncommon with the abundance of internet streaming, please include info and bit rates if possible.
  • Use only quality Discs -  I prefer Maxell or Sony brand, No Memorex!!
  • Burning Audio discs - Disc-At-Once (DAO) only. Please check your recorder settings before each burn.
  • Verify DVDs and test before you send.
  • Send the CDs/DVDs in a sleeve of some sort, carefully wrapped or in a bubble envelope - NO jewel cases, they break.
  • Don't write on the Discs but feel free to write on the sleeves or send along info or setlist (post-it notes work well).
  • Blank and Postage is still available for those with limited equipment and or internet access. Here is a link for more info on B&P trade.
  • Happy trading begins with communication please do not hesitate to communicate with one another if you have a question.